Thursday, 15 May 2014

Vengeful Bigots and Bring Back Our Girls Campaign in Pictures

Hundreds of Nigerian school girls have been missing for weeks, forcefully taken away from their hostel by perverted fun starved religious fanatics known as Boko-haram. While Nigerians and the world called for their safe return, others saw a political ploy to sabotaged their beloved President who refused to act until the international community got involved in the call to locate and rescue the girls. Some wanted evidence and after seeing evidence, lebelled it as fake and others were tired of talking about the missing girls as more important economic issues were being discussed. All these reactions are believed to be fuelled by vengeful tribal and religious bigotry.

Some Nigerians also saw a western conspiracy to destroy Nigeria aided by an incompetent government. One thing still remains true though, somewhere right now, a woman, a girl is at the mercy of a very horny and armed religious fanatic. He believes he owns her and sees her as spoil of war. Now, that's scary.

How can a social media campaign (hashtag) help the abducted girls. Hastags create credibility problems for murderous groups like boko-haram, whatever their political or social ambition is becomes an exercise in futility as negotiations and support becomes harder even a more competent army/power becomes interested in the case. People, celebrities and politicians in Nigeria and around the world have helped in spreading the word using the #bringbackourgirls, here are some pictures.

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