Monday, 5 May 2014

Nigerian Comedians Upset The First Lady is Trying to Take Their Jobs - Chai! Chai! Chai!

Nigerian comedians who were in Abuja and Lagos for one show or the other were seen carrying long faces around. One of them (name withheld) made his feelings known to a correspondent. He said "This madame is trying to take our jobs from us. Olololololoooooo, Mama peace don kill us o."

Another comedian who was dropped by a client because they thought the first lady is about to dominate Nigeria's comedy industry made his frustration known while wailing, he said "Mama Peace don pour sand-sand for my garri o! Show wey dem don book me, pay 250k deposit, this woman make dem cancel my booking. Now, I have to return the deposit paid to me. Why!? Why!?" 

Nigeria's first lady was recorded weeping while scolding the Borno government for the way it handled Konji-Haram's abduction of teenage girls. She was being serious but it might be the funniest video you'll see this week. Highlights of of the first lady's tantrum. "only you waka come, ok." Chai! Chai! Chai! 

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