Friday, 16 May 2014

Jonathan Heading to Chibok to Prove Abduction of School Girls is a Lie

President Jonathan is scheduled to visit Chobok tomorrow. What is his mission if one might ask? To prove to the world that the late night raid a month ago by boko-haram on a girls only school and abduction of over 200 of them is a lie.

Heavily armed and mean looking federal troops are already in Chibok in anticipation of the arrival of the Commander-in-chief tomorrow. The Abuja troops are carrying the kind of weapons being denied soldiers that are actually fighting boko-haram.

Locals are stoked, something huge is about to happen to them. The President is coming to town to prove them wrong, to show the international community that they are liars after asking for evidence that girls were actually abducted.

Something huge is about to happen to the Chibok locals because If the President is attacked tomorrow, public discuss will change and their daughters will be forgotten for forever.

Chibok must pay for letting the world see that Nigeria is in a "one chance bus", pillars in the front, the President by the side and retired  militants at the back. 

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