Thursday, 15 May 2014

Ekiti 2014 Gubernatorial Election - The Fountain of Knowledge or The Citadel of Mugus

Speaking to a few Ekiti youths about the up coming governorship election in their state, I discovered how determined they are on falling from grace to grass, their aspirations for the next four years wowed me.

Responding to questions on the kind of governor they expect would occupy the Government house after elections, they said " We want charisma my brother, we want energy. We don't want a governor that respects our traditional institutions. We want someone that can arrest, shoot or intimidate anyone that does nor agree with him. We want someone that can manhandle traditional chiefs and bundle them into the trunk of his car. Someone that sees himself as law, someone that our younger siblings can eulogise on the streets during the day instead of being in the classroom."

"We want someone that can galvanize the people before election  and after he is voted in, he'll go to a London Pub to brag about how doomed and irredeemable Nigeria is.

"To cut the long story short my brother, for now, I think we, the people of Ekiti state prefer charisma and mediocrity over character (Omoluabi) and performance.

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