Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bewildered Nigerian Artiste Imagines What Life Will Be When The Cheques Stop Coming

An obviously distraught Nigerian Entertainer  is very worried about the future. The musician made his feelings known after performing in a show a few weeks back. Fans noticed how distant he was while performing on stage and approached him to inquire what was wrong with the musical maestro.

Though dismissive at first, he later confided in a few of them back stage about how worried he is on what the future holds. After hearing what the problem was, they laughed at him saying, "Baba, you be evergreen, 100 years from now, you go still dey reign, shows go still dey come, bookings go still dey come yafu-yafu. So, no fear."

The musician's reply surprised some of them, he said "I sabi say my songs na evergreen but una know how many children wey I get? How many? They yelled - Silent for a few seconds, he grouchily said 17. Ahhh!!!! But "no shaking" he interrupted the hysterical room, "because I have investments everywhere, real estate, oil and gas, name it, I can't shout"

One of his fans interrupted saying "but bros, do you remember Bobby Benson. The guy had kids allover the place and look at what happened when he passed on. He had no time to raise his kids, look what they did to the things he left. His hotel at Ojota was left to rust until the Lagos state government took it over."

Another fan said, "Baba, do you know a Fuji musician named Kollington Ayinla? Yes, he replied. "He was on the news a few weeks back, lamenting on the mistake he made in his hayday, he also has a soccer team as kids"

The musician interrupted, "Guy, my story no go be like that, I get plans and I dey carry out my plans, Nothing dey happen"

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