Thursday, 24 April 2014

Utusan Malaysia's Little Sausage Syndrome
Malaysia's Reich Press Chamber, Utusan Malaysia published a racial vitriol it called an opinion piece written by one of its news editors, Rozaman Ismail, a Joseph Goebbels wanna be, but with a lower IQ. We should not get over ourselves here, because I know its mission impossible to defend some Nigerians. You speak up for yourself here and they are doing something worst the next minute. Then again, you can spot BS when you see one.

Citing a five sentence speculative garbage written by NST's Hani Shamira Sharudin where she claimed two Police officers on patrol spotted two suspicious looking men around 4:23am driving a Perodua Myvi. They pulled the suspects over, the suspects refused to stop and a hot pursuit ensued. Now, these suspects got away but the cops (thought they) heard a loud bang while going after them, and all of a sudden, This lady (Hani) got very excited and reported "Nigerians are shooting at Cops" without evidence to support such an extreme claim. They suspects were not apprehended nor was evidence found that firearms went off, yet "They are Nigerians and they shot at cops"

After reading the garbage written by Hani Shamira Sharudin, a supposed adult in all his siege state of mind gets all emotional and displays his insecurities in the form of an opinion piece. Using derogatory words like "Pak Hitam", making reference to the physical attributes of Africans and encouraging Malay speakers to treat Africans with contempt anywhere they meet them.

Rozaman Ismail if that's a real person has been in the business of thinking with his head up his behind for a long time, he has been doing this as far back as the year 2000 after the Lunas by-election. People like Rozaman are perfect examples of Gordon Hodson's 2012 study, Where he asserts that "Low-Intelligence adults tend to gravitate towards socially conservative ideologies", meaning Rozaman Ismail is daft, a typical religious and racial bigot who has the penchant to knock others down because they are different or because things don't go his way. People like him seem to have an uncontrollable craving for flesh and blood.

It's not the fault of Africans that people like Rozaman Ismail are dwarfs with little sausages, though he can correct that genetic "limitation" by writing another emotional opinion piece encouraging his daughter to marry a "Pak Hitam". There are a few Africans still in Malaysia, as EMGS's racial cleansing is yet to catch up with them.

According to Rozaman Ismail's warped sense of reasoning, every Malay person should be seen as genetically weak, since they are all "inbred", every Malay male should be treated with contempt and suspicion like a terrorist since Nordin Muhammad Top is Malay, every Malay female should be treated like a communist because Aishah Abdul Wahab is one and every Malay youngster should be treated like a snatch thief because some of them are snatch thieves.

The last time I checked, Malaysia is still a country with laws and if you break the law, be ready to face the consequence except in a few cases if you are Malay. Honestly, the world would be better off without the likes of Rozaman Ismail but they are here and unfortunately they also have a platform in (Utusan) which they use in spreading hate and ignorance to their niche.

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