Monday, 14 April 2014

The Careless Use of The Nigerian Coat of Arms

How do we curb the careless use of the Nigerian coat of arms by politicians and their friends? People just paste the coat of arms on anything they want because they are friends with an elected public official and they do this for private events that has nothing to do with the state.

I don't remember voting for a first lady.

This guy believes he was elected to be "friend of the governor". He has the coat of arms and I believe he'll have documents with letter heading too. 

Leeberry's Iphone gift to friends. Her dad is the President of Nigeria so she has the right to use the coat of arms? No.

Office of former deputy governor? WTH?

This is a wedding reception that looks like an elected public official is being inaugurated.

It all boils down to corruption though. There are only three ways to get things done in Nigeria. (1) You know someone that knows someone who knows someone. (2) You are brutal and ruthless (figuratively and literally) and (3) be ready to part with money every step you take towards achieving your goals no matter how minute they are.

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