Saturday, 5 April 2014

Olamide - Anifowose

+Olamide YBNL's Omo Anifowose video is here and its inspirational. The message the song is trying to pass across is all about moving from grass to grace and remembering one's humble roots. Omo - means 'Child',  Ani - means 'To have' and Fowose - means 'Putting money to work' or 'Spending money'. So, Omo Anifowose means A rich child, putting his money to work. 

The statement can only be used in a positive context because the bias behind it is about saluting a philanthropist or someone who remembers those that made sacrifices or encouraged them to attain success, like Parents, former comrades, and even neighbors and acquaintances. Motivational stuff. 

Examples of Omo Anifowose are Bill gates and his charities, +Olamide YBNL (of course), every other philanthropist and person out there giving a helping hand.

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