Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Andrew Pocock - Thanks Mate For the Blood Donation but

A very big thanks to everyone that went out to donate blood to survivors of yesterday's cowardly act and thanks to the foreigners that cam out to help too. Dr. Andrew Pocock, British High Commissioner to Nigeria was one of the blood donors, his gesture shows he cares. So, being who we are, we'd like to ask for one more favour.

Though its been cloaked in secrecy, but you'll save more lives if you could negotiate a deal between BAE and the Nigerian government where "Taranis" is used on Boko-haram and later MEND as practice combat missions? The two terrains will significantly boost the combat capabilities of "Taranis". The desert for boko-haram and the mangrove swamp for MEND.

"Taranis" could be a game changer in Sambisa for example, the odds will be against those going around killing villagers and school children as isolated desert locations and caves will no longer be safe, they will be forced back into towns and cities making it easy for their kinsmen to point them out to security operatives.

When the time comes, a similar operation will be needed in the south and hopefully the President then, won't lack the political conviction to go after the sponsors of terror. 

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