Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ten Favourite Comedians - 2014

There are other comedians that I enjoy watching, like Eboh Bomb, Gandoki, Andi Osho, Kevin Hart, Stephen K. Amos, Gina Yashere etc, but currently these ten are my favourites.
  • Idileoye Oluwaseyitan Lawrence Aletile aka Seyi Law, Nigerian. Came into limelight after wining the 2006 edition of AY Open Mic. He has a unique style that makes you look forward to his next show.

  • Anne Kanssime, Ugandan. She has lots of comedy skits on her youtube page and you can't help but laugh at her jokes. Yeah, she's that good, i can't tell if it's the Ugandan accent or the way she acts out her characters. Her jokes are about everyday stuff and awkward situations where common sense is not common. She also has a website, check her out. 

  • Trevor Noah, South African. A mixed race South-African born during apartheid, his jokes are mostly based around race, ethnicity, and personal experience. Very very funny guy.

  • Bright Okpocha aka Basket Mouth, Nigerian, became a professional comedian in 1999. He is the type of comedian that rents one huge billboard, campaigning to be elected Nigeria's next President. He has a website.
  • Reginald D. Hunter, American. His Jokes are about personal experience and he mocks "political correctness". His jokes will make you go WTF? and laugh out laud. Very very funny guy.

  • Bovi Ugboma aka Bovi, Nigerian. First appearance was in his own family sitcom 'Extended family'. He is good at what he does. 
  • Steve Hughes, Australian. Also pokes fun at political correctness, delivers humour using irony and a little bit of conspiracy theory here and there. A musician too with one studio album "Big issues". I like jokes, very funny guy.

  • Francis Agoda aka I Go Dye, Nigerian. His work is based on his experience as a 'Warri man' and the ability the Warri man has to survive the open world by being spontaneous and instinctive. 

  • Omid Djalili. He is British, need I say more? Lmao. Uses irony to deliver his jokes and makes fun of everything. Extremely funny guy.

  • Ayodele Richard Makun aka AY, Nigerian. The man of the moment in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He is the brand behind AY show and AY's crib. His white garment church mimicry is funny.

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