Saturday, 8 March 2014

Nigerian Student Shot Dead By Malaysian Police Men

Adelabu Tunde
So, is this revenge for Sazali Mohktar, the Malaysian robber killed while trying to rob Nigerians or it’s just a regular police shakedown gone bad? The most hurtful part of this tragedy is the way Malaysian news outlets reported the incident. The few ones that carried the story, just put together a few sentences like; here is an update, we got one of them, clap for the boys in blue. One news portal’s first line out of 2 to 3 paragraphs posted about the murder:

"A 26-year-old African student was killed on the spot after he was shot in head at a parking lot of an apartment at a private college in Mantin here today."

This time, they know his age but not his Nationality unlike a few weeks ago when five Nigerians together with eleven Malaysians were busted for defrauding an unsuspecting woman (idiot) who fell in love with a 55 year old Irish general she has never met. The five Nigerians were singled out to be rebuked, their girlfriends/accomplices mocked and ridiculed for being with an African. The writers of various Malaysian news outlets went out of their way to make thousands of Nigerians look bad because of five criminals.

Thank God, there were eyewitnesses to the murder of Adelabu Tunde. The Police had already make up stories about the murder carried out by their colleagues because according to their divisional head, Abdullah Roning, he said and I quote "The victim was discovered lying under a tree at a parking lot of an apartment in the college compound. The police are yet to make any arrests and are still investigating the motive of the murder."
Accounts given by eyewitnesses say the contrary, one eyewitness said “He was not fighting, he was shot by police that came for extra pocket money and the police left the scene as soon as he was shot. The Police were not here to raid, they came to take money from us then shot somebody and ran off”

For sure, this guy's murder will only be in the conscience of the people that killed him as the possibility of getting justice is bleak, not with the way the Malaysian judicial system works plus, no arrest has been made and non will never be made. The two Indian guys that were convicted for killing a Nigerian con man last year were given 7 and 2 years sentence respectively. Capital punishment in Malaysia applies to murder, drug trafficking, treason, and waging war against the King. I'll assume the two men did not get away with murder scot-free because they are Indians, they hd to do some time.

There is so much desire in certain quarters of Malaysia to create a 19th century and present day American style of social fabric, a longing for a Ku-Klux-Klan vs African American kind of society. Well-coordinated efforts at creating anathemas when given the slightest opportunity, the fun and joy of locking one’s self in a car when certain kinds of people walk by, the elating feeling of pushing and telling a child "cepat cepat" when certain people are also walking by, The murmur of "sohai" in the elevator followed by a coordinated theatrical bust of laughter, all these to people we do not know. It’s just funny and weird. May the soul of Adelabu Tunde rest in peace.

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