Wednesday, 5 March 2014

"If You Do AnyHow, Your State Go See AnyHow" President Jonathan to Governors

Ara me riri (Wonders shall never end) - clapping my hands in disdain . President Jonathan said state governors who cast aspersion on him and his government are asking to go hungry as such actions will slow down the development of their states. Omo, Oga don turn am personal, see threat. Lmao

He said they should take a cue from Anambra state governor Peter Obi. If I were Peter Obi's political opponent, I would have said I heard he spends most of his time in Aso-rock, soliciting for one favour or the other (eye-service) but I'm me. According to President Jonathan, his very good friend Peter Obi is a member of his 'Economic management Team' and an honorary adviser to the President on Finance and Commerce.

To the non-conforming governors, he said “You are elected to develop your state, I think the best thing is to have good relationship with the center, whether you have a pin or you don’t have but one day it will come. Wearing boxing gloves, jumping into the boxing ring to face Mr. President does not help the development of any state.”

That's the black man's way of running a democracy. You have to bow to me before I perform the duties I was elected for. To cut the long story short, Peter Obi will be given a Presidential appointment when he steps down.

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