Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Boko-Haram's Thirst for Blood and The Kleptomaniac Eunuch in Aso-Rock
They believe "western education" is evil and anyone or anything associated with it should be wiped out. This what a society gets for allowing its children grow up without education from both the society and a formal learning environment. Why do these men and their sympathizers have so much disregard for human life? Is it the horsewhip used on them while they were being taught how to recite religious text in a language they will never understand? What makes people's brain wired in such a way? Obviously, it can never be poverty and government neglect. You'll find that in every corner of Nigeria.

What does "western education" even mean? Isn't education a combination of knowledge from different aspects of humanity and cultures? What sets it apart in various geographical locations is the way people are taught and access to information about new discoveries. Boko-haram and their sympathizers made a conscious decision not to get education, yet they go around killing students, denying them the right and freewill to live their decisions.

The most annoying part of Boko-haram violence is the way our leaders are handling the situation, especially the President. Just look at them make public comments, it shows how bitter and distant from one another their relationship is. Makes you wonder if they ever sit together to discuss the way forward on Boko-haram. Imagine Shettima saying "Boko-haram is better equipped and more motivated than the army" implying the federal government is not making genuine effort to stop the machete wielding trigger happy miscreants, going around killing people and targeting students in the name of religion, because they have a phobia for school.

How does Mr. Medicine After Death - react to the subliminal allegation? Vituperation on national T.V. "let me withdraw the army for one month and let's see whether he will stay in that his government house, but i'll go back and take over the state". WTH!? Mr. President, you have never been in charge of Borno giving the fact that Boko-haram attack villages and schools whenever they like. "Then I'll go back and take over the state", Is the army in Borno to wipe out armed Boko-haram or is the President deliberately limiting the resources available to the army in other to maintain status quo? It shows how disorganized and incompetent our leaders are.

Why am I angry at this man called Goodluck Jonathan? This is a guy that strikes fear into people and gets aggressive whenever his 2015 Presidential ambition is put to question, he even walked out on his colleagues during one of the session of Council of States meeting, when he confronted Obasanjo and accused him of trying to stifle his 2015 Presidential ambition, yet this same man acts all timid when it’s time to do the basics expected of an elected President, like being resolute on the fight against corruption. The only time you hear or see President Jonathan act like the boss is when they tell him 'You'll not be President come 2015". President Jonathan and most of our Governors and law makers are very sneaky and pretentious, thus ineffective.

All I have to say is to remind our leaders, especially President Jonathan that, when the time comes, money won't save you, keep hoarding cash that your great grandchildren won't finish spending. Gaddafi had $200 billion, yet he was shot on the street like a worthless animal. Ben-Ali, Gbagbo, Mubarak etc all these men fell-out with their backers, they fled, were humiliated and the money they stole could not save them. A few months ago in a restaurant, a waiter arrested and tried to detain British Prime Minister Tony Blair for his participation in the lies that led to the invasion of Iraq and the consequent death that occurred there. Nigeria is heading the direction of Tunisia, Egypt or Libya with the way things are being done in that country and everything associated with it. Even foreign missions worldwide do not want to be left out of the greed cake, they know give flimsy reasons to extort money from diaspora Nigerians.

No Nigeria leader can pull a Kim Il-sung or Mao Zedong on us, not at this stage of humanity. Moreover, Nigerians are too greedy, religious and non-ideological (Political) to allow one man command that much loyalty.

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