Monday, 20 January 2014

Want to be a Female Terrorist? Dust Your Gore CV Because Al-Qaeda is Recruiting

Al-Qaeda has reportedly started a Jihad program for female wannabe terrorist named "sisters base". It's described to be modelled after the life of the most wanted woman in the world, Samantha lewthwaite, the alleged mastermind of WestGate mall attack and spouse of London 7/7 bomber, Germaine Lindsay.

The website was allegedly discovered when muslim women seeking jihad made inquiries about joining the terrorist group in Syria.

An Abu Qaqqa said "Women seeking jihad will be looked after" and that they just got two delivered recently". I never knew Boko-haram's Abu Qaqqa has potted to Syria. What happened to the group of "conjugal" Jihadist deployed to the Syrian war front sometime ago? War stories, hmmmm.....

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