Friday, 10 January 2014

Two Nigerians Arrested for Murder in Malaysia

Two Nigerian boys were arrested in connection with the death of a municipal worker (DBKL), Sazali Mokhtar. Sazali and two friends allegedly tried to shake down the Nigerians in their apartment, demanding RM5,000 and impersonating Police officers.

One thing led to another, this guy ended up dead, a Nigerian got nine stitches on his head and from information making rounds, he was Aluued to death while his two accomplice got away. Malay? Kai, trouble dey sleep, yanga go wake am. From my experience here, if you are not Malay and you kill a Malay. Boy, they'll find you no matter what. The odds are in their favour in this hunger game. You'll see how swiftly and professional the police work will be and the judgement, biased and brutal.

I honestly hope his death was not intentional and they are able to prove it. They should have handled the situation in a better way instead of being violent. No one deserves to be lynched because i know for sure if the lynch victim was Nigerian, Nigerians will scream genocide (lol). But why were these guys targeted for robbery/shakedown in the first place. Your guess might be as good as mine.(rolls eyes). Well, I hope the deceased is not one of those Malays (If he is) with 16 wives and 50 kids. There will be a Mat rampit (ebi olokada) riot or arson attack pretty soon and innocent Nigerians will be affected. 

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