Thursday, 9 January 2014

"Nigerians are Scammers and Iranians Feed their kids to Dogs" - Foxnews Host

One Fox News host named Bob Beckel believes that all Nigerians are scam artists and pickpockets, while Iranians threaten to feed their children to dogs. He was speaking in show called "The Triple Package," where they were discussing a new book by "Tiger Mom" Amy Chua. In her book, Amy Chua suggested Jews, Mormons, Indians, Nigerians and Iranians, among others, are "superior" races and religions in the U.S.

Now, obviously Tiger Mum assertion of "superior" race to certain nationalities is outrageous but Mr Beckel believes he understands why things seem to the way they are. Here is his explanation.

"In Nigeria, they're the greatest scam artists in the world, they must teach them how to run scams and pickpocket people because they are very good at pickpocketing."

On Iranians, he said “Of course their kids are gonna pay attention, because if they don’t they are gonna take them in backyard and feed them to dogs," he claimed. "They scare ‘em, the Iranians scare ‘em, they’re torturers. No wonder the kids are gonna pay attention."

Later on, he made a little bit of effort to correct his misguided statement, but made it clear he's not trying to apologize.

"Let me clarify something here before I get into any trouble here. I'm not apologizing, I'm just clarifying. I thought we were talking about this list of people, like Nigerians and Iranians, overseas, not here in the United States. I know a lot of good Nigerians, good Iranians here in the United States. It's overseas that most of the scams happen."

Clap for yourself  fat face, his wiki page says he's a political analyst...hmmmmm. He's with fox news, so I do expect any better. 

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