Friday, 17 January 2014

Economic Development Can Cure Gay People - Ugandan President

Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has declined to sign into law, a controversial Bill that would see homosexuals jailed for life. The reasons he gave are uninformed, but it’s still a step in the right direction.

President Museveni is of the opinion that homosexuality is caused by “random breeding” or poverty. For lesbians, he said, they choose female partners because of "sexual starvation" and the failure to get a male partner. lol

He suggested instead that the best cure for homosexuality is to improve the African economy and for Uganda, a rapid industrialization and modernization of agriculture.

In a letter to the Ugandan Parliament, President Museveni said "The question at the core of the debate on homosexuality is what do we do with an abnormal person? Do we kill him/her? Do we imprison him/her? Or we do contain him/her? Even with legislation, they will simply go underground and continue practicing homosexuality or lesbianism for mercenary reasons,"

Proponents of the anti-gay Bill initially wanted a death penalty clause, before it was dropped and a life sentence was agreed on and passed in parliament.

Who sensationalized LGBT stories in Uganda? The religious leaders of cause, I remember a Ugandan video went viral a while ago and the reaction of a few politicians and religious leaders was to organize a press conference. The world had to stop for them. To convince others to join the homophobic train, they had to play the video for each other to show how serious the problem is, it was more serious than poverty or a corrupt government and the solution they came up with was to start organizing and inciting vigilantes like the group that lynched David Kato, a gay rights activist.

Though, President Moseveni did not sign Uganda’s anti-gay bill into law but his contempt for LGBTs in intact. Guess he has more to loose from rebelling against western nations than Goodluck Jonathan.

Smart guy, he says'Rescue young people’, because its only young people that are gay. SMH

He said "You cannot call an abnormality an alternative orientation. It could be that the Western societies, on account of random breeding, have generated many abnormal people," he said, adding that other people became gay for "mercenary reasons", or, in the case of lesbians, a lack of sex with men.

I wonder what President Moseveni means by random breeding”, maybe he means inbreeding.

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