Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Canada List Boko-haram as Terrorist Organization

What's this trend of designating murderous criminals as terrorist group? Is this not playing into their hands, giving them the recognition they desperately seek? In my opinion, national governments should be allowed to deal with these murderers without international publicity or recognition.

What does categorising Boko-harm as a terrorist group in Canada or anywhere that far add to the solution? These are people who don't have the means to travel to places like Canada, neither do their financiers label bank transactions/transfers as for Boko-haram. If the group intends to attack Canada or any U.S facility they can have access to, they won't announce their intention. They don't carry signs on their head indicating they belong to the group.What such news does is to make them bolder. Look at the Shekau guy, he is now so energetic and even swagger-jacking Adolf Hitler in the recent video released by the gang, calling out President Jonathan and Obama, imagine.

What the western countries should do if they want to help is to borrow us their drones/subsidise the prices. lol. Such blanket declarations hurt innocent people the way economic sanctions hurt ordinary citizens. If Africans/Nigerians handle the drones, there won't be too much objection based on neo-colonialism or foreign invasion.

Drones create a levelled playing field, the way the burden of uncertainty lay in the minds of innocent Nigerians who are killed daily is the same felling the drones will give to the terrorist. There is a Geek somewhere in a comfortable room, eating popcorn and holding a video game controller hunting for you. He will blow you into shreds at anytime of the day. I think that's a thought and burden we can all agree to put on the mind of a terrorist. They are also scared of death, if they are not, they won't be hiding. Drones should be called deuces.

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