Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tips on How to Fight Corruption From Dr. Mahathir to President Jonathan

Yeah, it's possible (obvious) that President Goodluck Jonathan and everyone in his administration (the Pillars and Omo Ales) have no clue on how to combat corruption, that's why it appears he's always pushing the reset button on corruption by protecting corrupt cabinet members, flying militants back from jail with private jets and giving everyone else except his political adversaries a second or last chance.

Transparency international's corruption perception index in due to be released today and Malaysian Prime Minister (1981- 2003) Dr. Mahathir was speaking at a press conference after attending a forum organised to usher in his party's national conference (UMNO Assembly).

Dr. Mahathir was quoted saying the law was enforced smoothly and without delay during his 22 years in office, compared to the current state of affairs in Malaysia. Yes, I'm quoting Mahathir now because it's convenient and he's making sense, when he goes back to his religious bigotry and racism, i'll stay as far as possible away from him.

So, what does Dr. Mahathir's statement have to do with Nigeria? You see, the current Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razaq and President Goodluck Jonathan share a few attributes. They are passive, lavish, have obnoxious & insensitive wives and are believed to be corrupt, overall, this makes them both incompetent.

Like the "OduaGate" corruption scandal, Malaysia had the "Lembu Condo" scandal. Glaring cases of corruption where the culprits gave the public a middle finger and are still part of the government today. Like "Asari Dokubo", Malaysia has "Ibrahim Ali" of PERKASA. So, the two governments have a thing or two in common and Dr. Mahathir being an Elder states man knows all is not well. So when the opportunity came, he decided to share a few tips when the media asked for his opinion on the fight against corruption. I hope the people in Abuja will grab a pen and paper.

For the record, Mahathir's opinion counts. Malaysia could be like Cambodia, Myanmar or even Nigeria and people like Dr. Mahathir and his close associates would be the only few rich men in the country. Dr. Mahathir developed his country, the reason behind his drive and commitment is not up for discussion today. The point that matters now is, he laid the foundation and Malaysia lies on it today. Dr. Mahathir responded to questions asked this way
"Quick action should be taken by the government on cases involving corruption and bribery as the public's perception is important"

"Corruption depended heavily on the law and the punishment meted out. One of the most important factors to battle corruption is the expediting of the investigation process"
Doyin Okupe, Reuben Abati and Reno Omokri, Please can you guys share these tips with Oga, if he's not drunk today? Wait, "Public's perception"? What am i saying? Goodluck Jonathan does not give a damn.

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