Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sad Nigerian Stories From Malaysia - December 2013

Terrible stories from Malaysia with contempt. lol. Yeah, its the season, its December and "I must buy my Range Rover or Audi, so i can show off in my home-town during Christmas" or "Abang, I find this drugs here, it must be the Nigerians". But anyhoo, God dey.
Three Nigerians Sentenced to death for Drug trafficking
Three Nigerians, Chigozie Patrick Umeohudo, 26, Nnaemeka Nwafor, 25, and Chibuike Collins Nnebedum, 24, were sentenced to death for drug trafficking "The court finds that the defence testimonies to be unbelievable, fabrication and mere denial," said judge Kamardin Hashim.
The three friends trafficked the drug at Jalan 4/40, Taman Sri Segambut, Sentul, here, at 5.30pm on June 10, 2011. The drugs were said to be found by police inside a biscuit tin placed in a plastic bag close to the three friends accused when arrested.
17 Nigerians, 1 Thai Woman and 1 Malaysian woman among 19 held over online Scam
"Investigations into the syndicate began in July when a chef lodged a police report after he had been duped into paying RM6,800 for a parcel purportedly sent to him by an online friend abroad."
The chef had befriended a woman online who claimed to be from the United Kingdom. After three months of exchanging emails, the woman told him she was sending him a present. However, the chef was told that he had to pay a processing fee as the package was being held by the Customs Department.
After paying a total of RM6,800, he felt suspicious when told he had to pay an additional RM10,500. The chef then lodged a police report and police began following the paper trail, beginning with the bank account given by the victim's "friend", where the victim had deposited the money into. Police discovered that a bank account registered to a local clothes company owned by a woman seemed to be a common link involving several cases as the victims had deposited money into her account.
Checks revealed that the woman had withdrawn about RM300,000 from her account over the past six months with regular deposits made through cash deposit machines. Last week, when the woman went to the bank branch in Taman Maluri to withdraw RM50,000, the bank authorities alerted the police.
On Dec 4 and 5, police raided various locations in Kepong and Pandan Perdana, detaining 17 Nigerian men and a Thai woman. The 19 suspects, aged between 22 and 44, had been remanded to assist in investigations. Izany said the Nigerian men had entered Malaysia on student visas, which were still valid.
He said police were checking with their colleges and universities to get more information.
Nigerian gets death sentence for drug charge
The accused Nigerian Abuchi Johnson, 31, was charged with trafficking in 753.5 grammes or 66 capsules of methamphetamine, at 10.45pm on February 16, 2012 at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Judge Noor Azian Shaari, in delivering her verdict, said the defence failed to raise reasonable doubt in the prosecution's case.
"The story the accused told in court involved a client of Johnson, a man by the name of OB, who told him that he would help the accused to get a job in Malaysia.
"OB told Johnson to fix his laptop and paid the accused RM1,500. For this, OB said he would help Johnson by getting him a job here and provided him with flight tickets and USD3,000 in cash (approximately RM9,690)."
The judge questioned if it was indeed true that OB was grateful enough to make such arrangements for Johnson due to the service the latter provided to OB. Noor Azian further said it was revealed that Johnson was forced by OB to swallow the said drugs, which meant the accused had the opportunity to flee.
Throughout the judgement, Johnson was seen to be staring at the floor and was void of any expressions.
According to the facts of the case, Johnson, who holds a diploma in computer science, was detained at KLIA on Feb 16, 2012 at 10.45pm.
Body and baggage checks upon the accused by the authorities revealed something was amiss. He was then brought to the Serdang Hospital for an x-ray examination. Results showed there were suspicious images within his stomach and it was confirmed as methamphetamine.

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