Saturday, 28 December 2013

Ogboju Ole - Stella Oduah vs Journalist

Aviation Minister, Stella BMW Oduah responded as expected, angrily to a question asking if she is going to quietly resign or hang on until she's forced out. Her response was typical, Nigerian style, attack the messenger and leave the message.

The journalist asked a legitimate question as Stella 'BMW' Oduah being a Presidential appointee was caught red-handed  inflating figures, helping a crony/pillar company manipulate and abuse government import waiver and lying to the public to cover her tracks. Obviously, she was indicted by the house of representative committee and recommended she be fired or allowed to voluntarily resign.

She suggested the journalist should go back to school to learn English because he can't read. LMAO. According to Madame BMW's  English, the House of Rep committee only recommended the President review her appointment as Minister (What does that mean?). She always looks swollen and talks like she is holding saliva in her mouth. Is She ok or is that what she needs money to treat but I believe she has enough money giving the fact that she recently handed a pillar ethnic group 10 Million naira to mobilise support for her equally yoked/corrupt boss, President Jonathan. 

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