Friday, 8 November 2013

Video of Nigerian Beaten to a Pulp in Goa

There is a video on Youtube uploaded by a user named (ingoanews). I think it's a news channel based in Goa, India. It shows a Nigerian man being attacked by a lynch mob with metal rods and sticks. The police had to move in to protect him after it became obvious the mob intended to kill him. Over what? He is a Nigerian, most of his compatriots are perceived to be criminals, illegals and unwanted, yet they had the effrontery to carry out a violent protest in a foreign land. It's unfortunate that he took his rented bike to the wrong place at the wrong time. This same thing happened to lots of innocent people during Christian-Muslim religious crises in Nigeria.

It is a very graphic video and it will enrage and anger most people. But lets not forget, that's what happens to innocent people when his country men go on a violent rampage to protest injustice. Even governments use tear gas, water cannon and police baton on their own citizens, not to talk of a tensed situation where resentment and racism is involved, aided and abated by the local media. Furthermore, you are in a foreign land and greatly out numbered, so common sense demands you to always play it cool.

No one is asking "Nigerians" to be fools or allow others treat them bad, but "Nigerians" should always be sensitive to the agitations and perception of their host communities or country. "Nigerians" should not do things that will put lives in danger when in hostile environments. Obey local laws, respect and be friendly to members of your host community and seek better channels to out  your grievances. Thank goodness, the diplomats in India are more responsive and active.

I now understand what made Nigerian diplomats say what they said. The content in this video is depressing, outrageous and should be seriously condemned. It should never happen again.

Link to The Video

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