Thursday, 14 November 2013

"Tie Them to a Rock and Throw Them In the Sea" Thus Saith The Lord

Pope Francis during a daily morning Mass inside Casa Santa Marta, His home in the Vatican city, quoted a bible passage that said some sinners deserve to be tied to a rock and cast into the sea. (Sinners in the Nigerian context are our politicians and other Ogas at the top)

The pope said Christians who donated money to the church but stole from the state were leading a "double life" and were sinners who should be punished. Was the Pope briefed about Nigeria's current economic and political situation? The Spiritually Swaggercious Pastors and the humble Imams that live large in secret while their followers go hungry and ready to take orders

He made his point in reference to the Holy Bible, quoting the book of Luke Chapter 17, verse 2
which says "It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones". The Pope explained,  reason being, "where there is deceit, the Spirit of God cannot be."

Ladies and gentle men, this is Nigeria. The pontiff is talking about us here. All the Israel pilgrimage jamboree, Hajj pilgrimage deceitful shows. This is us, Nigeria. Someone milks the treasury dry and pays tithe from it. He/She steals public funds and then buys school sandals for all the kids in is child's school.
Giving corrupt people a piece of his mind, the Pope described them as “whitewashed tombs” that “appear beautiful from the outside, but inside are full of dead bones and putrefaction.” He cautioned that "A life based on corruption is varnished putrefaction.”

The Pope delivered a similar message on the 8th of November where he said corrupt people who earned money via bribes or corrupt practices had "lost their dignity", and fed their children "unclean bread". 

He explained further saying "Some of you might say: 'But this man only did what everyone does!." (The psychological profile of StellaGate and her Supporters). The Pope has this to say to them "These poor people who have lost their dignity in the habit of bribes take with them not the money they have earned, but only their lack of dignity!". I rest my case and let the Lynching begin. 

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