Thursday, 21 November 2013

Planning to Sign Up For Google Adsense? My Experience Thus Far

A quick visit to Google product forums, Adsense in English - will make you laugh out loud at the entertainment that goes on there, especially under the category, "I don't yet have an account: Getting approved." I highly recommend this forum for anyone that wants to have a good laugh. There, you'll find wannabe publishers like my self and established web masters who help rookie users trouble shoot their adsense problems.

The wannabe publishers, I observed and divided into two groups, the entitled fellow and the needy novice. Some of the users posting questions are usually under the impression that they are speaking to an adsense "customer care" staff on the forum.

The entitled fellows post questions demanding answers, why their application was not approved after doing all the work of putting together a "superb" website or blog. Their comments sometimes carry subtle insinuations of victimization as they wonder why Google has refused to let them into the program. What makes it more entertaining is that Google does not categorically specify what part of adsense policy the applicants have violated because of course, they expect you to have gone through their policy and guidelines.

The needy novice like myself, i assume are mostly victims of the bandwagon effect, who have been led to think adsense is an easy and legal source of extra fund to cushion our monthly allowance or income, thinking Google has a stash of money somewhere they are dishing out to everyone that comes up with a website or blog.

The biggest entertainers are the established publishers or top contributors. Man, those guys are dream crushers. Don't get me wrong, they are very helpful and if your website is worth it, they'll assist you. Websites that can qualify for adsense on the forum are few, so imagine telling a deluded person the absolute truth, its gonna hurt. Their suggestions and advice are usually honest and straight to the point, so the sound mean.

The issue i think many of us don't understand is that Google adsense is the customer, you are the merchant trying to sell a product, that's why you get paid for the service rendered. You need adsense, adsense does not need you as there are enough people in the program ready to serve advertisers.

To get approved, you need to get past this giant matrix/machine (bot response) that reviews your website for policy violations. If your site is found wanting, your website will not be approved.

A major problems disapproved applicants have and as always explained by top contributors on the forum is that Google wants original content. What does this mean? Google wants something new that can add value to mankind or the website's niche.

Another problem is the copyright issue. From my experience this far, Google abhors copyright infringement and would go all out to disassociate itself from websites that copy content. Users from our part of the world are more likely to steal pictures. What does this mean? Don't copy content from Linda Ikeji or Bella Naija and expect to make money from it. If you did not take the picture yourself or if the picture does not belong to you, don't use it.

You can also be found guilty by association (linking to a website that violates adsense policy).

People get rejected for things they take for granted, issues they feel are too little the bot system won't pick up, so they assume they can get away with it. Like I've learnt, there are no two ways about it. You either get it right or forget about it, and if you manage to beat the system, you'll regret it later on because reviews are done at intervals and you will be caught.

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