Wednesday, 6 November 2013

"Nigerian" Jailed 9 Years for Drug Trafficking

His name is Camara Jean Guineenne, 32. His identity seems fishy, he looks "Nigerian" but his name appears to be foreign (Nigerien). He was spared the hang man's gallows by the judge because his lawyer V. Jayamurugan applied for a lesser sentence based on the submission that  he is married and has a pair of twins. The prosecution accepted his lawyer's representation and he was handed an alternative charge which facilitated his sentencing. 

Camara was arrested having in his possession, 367.9 grammes of methamphetamine at level 3 of the KLIA about 10.40 pm on Feb 13 2012, he swallowed the drugs in capsules. He is to serve his sentence from the date of his arrest. But this Camara guy na wa o, he looks like the usual "Nigerian" suspect in this part of the world but has a French-African name. lol. I've never seen a light skin, Negro looking Nigerien. They are always black like no man's business. May be The Star My made a mistake in their reporting (Manglish things) lol. Weird.

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