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If Yasser Arafat Ate Polonium-210, What Did Sani Abacha Eat? My Incoherent Ramblings and Conspiracies

One of those days. SMH

Aljazeera broke the news through an investigative documentary titled "What killed Arafat" that particles of Polonium-210 was discovered on the personal belongings of the late Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat. The study was conducted by a group of Swiss forensic investigators with the help of Aljazeera.

After the revelation, The Palestinian authority who were formerly reluctant to investigate what led to Arafat's death finally gave the go ahead to exhume his body. The examination carried out on the remains of Arafat gave a definitive conclusion that Yasser Arafat, late Palestinian Leader was poisoned with radio active material, Polonium-210.

According to Prof. David Barclay, a forensic scientist, after taking a forensic overview of various findings from all examinations done Arafat's remains, he disclosed that the pattern of  forensic results in Arafat's case can not be manipulated as very high levels of Polonium-210 were discovered in Arafat's bone and the fluid that went from Arafat's body to the earth underneath him. The level of Polonium present in Arafats body was about 36 times what you'll find in a normal person.

Polonium is a chemical element with the symbol Po and atomic number 84. It occurs in uranium ores and was discovered in 1898 by Marie Curie and Pierre Curie. Polonium disappears/decays by 50% every 130 days. (Wikipedia). This allows the possibility to calculate the quantity discovered on a subject relative to the quantity or degree of exposure before death, Prof. David Barclay explained in his meeting with Suha and Zahwa Arafat, Yasser's wife and daughter. Prof. Barclay explained that, a dose as little as a grain of sugar is enough to kill a person.

On October 2004, Arafat fell ill and died one month later (31 days). His body shrank as he fell ill and later died from a substance that could not be identified back then by the Palestinian authorities. Arafat died of a brain haemorrhage due to the damage caused by radio active material.

The circumstance surrounding the death of Yasser Arafat is quite similar to that of the late Nigerian dictator, Gen. Sani Abacha. The sudden decline in health and eventual major organ failure seems similar. Though, it was unattainable to cry foul when Abacha dropped dead, as he may have been suffering from undisclosed health problems, which did not allow his widow scream blue murder back then. Secondly, the religious and ethnic believe with which he held sway would have been compromised if his remains was cut up to find the cause of his death and the celebratory mode that engulfed the Nigerian nation when his death was announced. So, he was wrapped up and placed in a hole together with the possibility of finding out what really killed Abacha.

I understand most Nigerians don't care what killed Abacha or how he died, maybe apart from some of his tribes men and most of his benefactors. But why is Arafat's name being mentioned here? Arafat's security details and maybe together with that of Pope John Paul II may have poisoned Sani Abacha at intervals during their visits to Nigeria.

There was this religious competition back in 2008 when Abacha was preparing to change his government into a civilian one. In order to sooth the marginalised half of the country, mostly Non-Hausa and Christians. Abacha's regime allowed  Pope John Paul II visit Nigeria and a few months later Yasser Arafat being the symbol of the Palestinian/Muslim struggle was also invited to Nigeria to balance the equation.

A closer look at the pictures of Abacha available in the weeks before his death. He appeared ill and showed symptoms of a person suffering from a serious organ problem. A shiny velvet lips, a rapid increase-decrease in body frame and an extraordinarily glowing skin, stack contrast from the usual mean looking man behind the dark shades everyone was used to seeing.

Stories made available after the release of Major Hamza Almustapha reveal that one of Arafat's body guards shook hands with Sani Abacha, an occurrence which was outside accepted protocol. It was disclosed the handshake was the beginning of Abacha's demise. Abacha died a few hours after Arafat left. So, many world leaders like Hugo Chavez, Arafat etc have died in highly questionable circumstances (007 style) but the few lucky ones who have survived various attempts at their lives (Fidel Castro et al) owe this to strong loyalty from supporters carers.

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