Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Diplomacy Wins Thus Far - Syria Meets Chemical Weapons Deadline

Syria met the November 1 deadline to to either destroy or render inoperable all its declared chemical weapons production and mixing facilities. (OPCW) Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons declared, its teams of experts have inspected 21 out of 23 chemical weapons sites across Syria. They could not gain access to the remaining two sites giving the volatile situation in the country but the chemical equipments in the sites were moved to to the sites where the experts inspected them.

This is how it should be, talk and negotiate instead of sending young men and women to kill other young men and women. Big ups to Russia and the U.S for brokering the deal that has definitely saved lives and congratulations to (OPCW) on their Noble Peace Price. They have succeeded in postponing a conflict that thank goodness, non of the major military powers was ready to fight.

via Reuters

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