Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Anything but PDP? PDP Rebels Join APC

I guess the new mind set is anything but PDP (Jonathan). I just watched (Alhaji) Baraje Abubakar Kawu address the public during a press conference organized after the meeting of the Baraje led PDP and (Chief) Bisi Akande's APC. After fumbling the name of the Party twice, Baraje announced the two parties have decided to work together/merge after exhaustive deliberation to "save Nigeria's fledging democracy".

It seems the decision to join APC was spontaneous as they appeared disorganized. Giving what Nigeria has as a government now, I have not been this excited in a long time. Though, their choice of words does not shed enough light on the situation as it appears their are still fence sitters waiting to make decisions according to Governor Tinubu's comment.

But what will the implications of this announcement be? Will President Jonathan sit up and start being the President no matter how minute, especially on the fight against corruption? Or will we start witnessing a Sule Limido style hunt down?

"Nigeria is bigger than PDP". lol. Let's see where the drama leads to.

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