Thursday, 14 November 2013

2011 Till Date - What Do Secret Diplomatic Cables Say About Nigeria?

I'm really curious and I wish I could lay my hands on such documents. Let's assume an Edward Snowden or Alexander Litvinenko release secret diplomatic cables of world powers who have active foreign Missions in Nigeria. What will they say about the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan and Nigeria.

The reason for this question is that, the "pillars" and "political think-tanks" of President Jonathan's administration are strong advocates of the "look east" foreign policy". This has definitely created a little bit of unease in the between Nigeria and the west. We've seen subtle hints of contempt to wards the present administration, though its based on the lack willingness to tackle various problems the country is going through.

I remember senator David Mark being described as brash and arrogant. What are the likes of Terrence P. McCulley, Andrew Pocock, Jacques de Labriolle etc sending to their capitals? is President Jonathan really the humble, loyal dupity governor hand picked by President Obasanjo and "chosen" by God or is he this handicapped liability chosen to be a figure head, docile, made to be passive while his subordinates, himself and others hoard state wealth and wait for his political tenure to end.  

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