Thursday, 17 October 2013

U.N Security Council to Get 5 New Members, What Are the Benefits?

What are the benefits of joining the United Nations security council, What does a nation gain from being in the security council? As it is, the UN is set to elect 5 new security council members as there are no contested races. These nations, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Chile, Lithuania and Chad are poised to assume membership of the coveted position/status.

Understandably, The U.N provides short term employment for people all over the world. As a military personnel or civilian, you get to travel around the world (the part i love most) for the duration of your contract and the pleasure of telling friends and family, I work for the U.N.

As a nation, after contributing your quota to facilitate continuous funding, you get the privilege of taking sides in a conflict. You choose who gets maimed and who gets saved, who gets weapons and who should not. Troubled Nations lobby you, you make new friends and form new alliances? Is that how it's done?

When personalities clash and conflict of interest occurs. Will the opinion of a developing Country count? Countries that out source their whole military hardware and infrastructures to the 5 permanent security council members and their allys. You rebel, your exports get embargoed and you get isolated. As a "third" world nation, what are the real benefits of being a security council member?

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