Thursday, 17 October 2013

Stella Oduah's 255 Million BMW

October 16

“The NCAA does not have enough funds to upgrade equipment, send staff for critical training, and hire enough qualified staff. Yet, all the minister is concerned about is to have two exotic BMW cars from the little money we have for operations,” SR

"It's all rumours, I make it rain, I'm too rich to compel an agency under me to buy me cars. Hold on, I have made so much money, I can lend the NCAA money like Mobutu Sese Seko did in Zaire. Its all politically motivated" Ms. BMW

“I don’t respond to rumour, and as we approach 2015, people are bound to make up all sorts of stories,This is a woman (Mrs. Oduah) who is successful and established. A woman that made her mark in oil and gas, who owned trucks, barges, and so on. What is two cars?” Yakubu Datti

October 17

“When she came on board as the minister, she inherited a lot of baggage in terms of the concession and lease agreements in the sector, which were clearly not in the interest of the government and people of Nigeria.

“And so, she took bold steps and some of these agreements were reviewed and some were terminated, and these moves disturbed some entrenched interests in the sector, and within this period, she began to receive some imminent threats to her life; therefore, the need for the vehicles.

“It should be noted that these vehicles are not personal vehicles and were not procured in the name of the honourable minister; they are utility vehicles and are for the office of the minister, and if she leaves the office, she will not be taking the vehicles along with her.” Joe Obi, Ms. BMW's "Special assistant media"

Lesson : These people don't want me to chop this money very well. Plane crash spirits are very violent, i need bullet proof cars to protect me. Chosmus, Bikonu, achoro mu izu brand new bullet proof BMW. No wahala my sister. lol

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