Friday, 4 October 2013

Lagos Plane Crash - Thoughts and Superstitions

Olusegun Kokumo Agagu the former governor of Ondo state died a few weeks ago from health problems believed to be related to an heart attack. Its sad because someone has died, family, friends and close associates were shocked at the news.

Performing their duties as friends and family his body was prepared and readied to be taken to his home town from Lagos where he died. Being a former governor in Nigeria, there was enough resource to charter a plane to convey his corpse to Ondo. The plane conveying the corpse and other passengers went down few minutes/seconds after take off. 27 people were announced to be on board, out these 27, 5 people survived the crash, the governor's body was recovered intact and his son was among the survivors.

The governor's name "Kokumo", meaning "He/She stopped dying" (translated considering the circumstance in which the name was given). Such names are given to children whose mother and family had experienced lots of neonatal deaths before finally having one that survives.

Thinking like a most Nigerians, Agagu family tragedy was obviously spread to approximately 21 other families and people are asking question and connecting dots according to their religious and ethnic believes.

There are two possible causes to the problem on a superstitious level of reasoning. One, Agagu's hands are not pure, that's why Ondo soil is rejecting his body. Secondly, Agagu most have offended someone who is hell bent on dealing with him even in death and thirdly it might just be a sad story of bad luck or the will of God. whatever it is, this is bad and may God's mercy and grace be with the families of the departed.

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