Monday, 28 October 2013

Imaginary Opposition To Enugu Airport?

I have been watching and listening to Stella Oduah's supporters for the past few days and i've observed one of the reasons they give for supporting her is the strong believe that someone, somewhere is after Enugu international airport. If anyone has a link or article that shows opposition parties, New PDP and other Nigerian ethnicities opposing the upgrade of Enugu airport, please share it with us.

I've not read any report quoting people like Lai Muhammed, or any other government official that is not in the current ruling cabal's political circle, oppose the upgrade of Enugu airport.

Enugu airport is a relieve for international travellers resident in eastern Nigeria or Nigerians that prefer to exit and enter the country via Enugu. If its commercially viable, airlines will obviously beg to operate there. So, this fear that someone is after the Enugu airport is strange and I hope Nigerians share with us, who has threatened to downgrade the airport if power change hands or if the Aviation Minister is replaced.

Nigerians have been quoting one Captain Dele Oreh, whom they claim raised objection to the upgrade of Enugu airport. Who is Captain Dele and how did his opinion represent the perception of Nigerians that do not share similar ancestral lineage with Stella Oduah?

Stella Oduah's supporters also believe she is being castigated because of mere a BMW, starting a new trend of "My thief is better than your thief" . They have compared the pension fund scandal to that of Stella Oduah. The question now is didn't Abdulrasheed Maina and his cohorts lose their job? Didn't he, Maina flee or try to flee the country? Wasn't everyone involved taken to court until the judge involved basically freed them but the judge himself lost his job for the outrageous judgement. So, why will Nigerians scream blue murder when corrupt public officials are charged to court.

We should stop trying to justify the unjustifiable and  have a little bit of dignity and self respect. We all read and heard about fashola's bullet proof car, Amaechi's jet but we did not see invoice and evidence like we are seeing in Oduah's case, where up to five contradicting official statements, denial and confirmation were released out of confusion in 72 hours.

We ought to condemn evil when we see one. 
Nigeria, lets use our loaf, even if its a few crumbs. 

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