Friday, 4 October 2013

Exorcism of a Possessed Nollywood Actor

After years of torment and torture from the spirit of greed and arrogance, one of Nigeria's briefest movie actors attempted to free himself from the spirits he believes have stopped him from moving forward in life. So, he went to the synagogue to seek help.

He wants to be freed from the spirit of greed, the spirit that made him covet the properties of friends based abroad. Friends who entrusted him to be in care of their favourite toys and luxury cars while they endure the cold in Obodo Oyinbo. He wants to be freed from the spirit that makes him blackmail and extort his sugar mummies.

Finally, he wants to be free from the spirit of arrogance, the spirit that makes him disrespect and maltreat women. The spirit that makes him feel the world owes him something, holding him back from getting married to the unlucky woman that falls into his trap.

The Rabi did his best but the spirits fought back and they took the actor's shoe. As at the end of the exorcizing ceremony, the actor was looking for his shoe and the spirit of fake accent was still seen dwelling in him. I hope everyone gets delivered from what ever spirit is tormenting their lives.

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