Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Aviation Sector 'Cabal' and The BMW Minister

Does the aviation ministry have a cabal like the petroleum industry does? Because from what's available and from experience, competition is almost non-existent in the aviation sector. You can count how many local flights take off and and land in Nigeria on your finger. Our airspace is quite far from being busy. So, who are the people after Stella Oduah and why are they supposedly after her?

She is renovating designated airports all over the country, which is good and i think any dummy can do that as well giving the sorry state of most of our airports. Airports are being renovated but air planes and helicopters are falling off the sky. The perception that a public office holder is doing his or her job well does not give the person an open cheque to loot. The likes Dora Akunyili, Oby Ezekwezili etc were not this crazy,  these are people that did outstandingly well when they held administrative offices.

Stella Oduah has substantiated accusations of cronyism and nepotism over her, yet we are suppose to believe a group of people are after her because she re-awarded aviation contracts and made Enugu airport international, that's why these people decided to expose her kleptomaniac tendency. Who are these people and why are they not being investigated or exposed if they are the so called "cabal"?

Why do some Nigerians believe the development of Enugu airport is the reason Stella Oduah is being singled out for criticism. Enugu airport's internationalization is good as it enables Nigerians and expatriates based in eastern Nigeria travel easily since the Port-Harcourt airport might be too far. Now, Stella Oduah is being accused of trying to force foreign airlines to land in Enugu while they demand to land in Kano. Well, its not done like that. Airlines are in the business for money, it's mostly about demand and supply for them. It's Enugu travellers that should demand that their preferred airline land in their preferred destination, not the aviation ministry.

I wonder why someone would defend Stella Oduah after seeing the BMW, Limousine and Toyota Thundra revelations. Doing one's job should not give a person so much sense of entitlement that they do what the aviation minister is accused of doing. But who are we to blame her, the President told every Nigerian to go to hell when he was asked to declare his assets. Farouk Lawan is still a Nigerian law maker, Alams was pardoned and rumour has it that all corruption case against all ex-governors is being withdrawn. Its high time Nigerians use their loaf even if its a few crumbs.

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