Wednesday, 9 October 2013

An Act of God or Gross Negligence

Governor Isa Yuguda was highly criticised for attributing God's will to the untimely death of Youth corpers lynched while working for INEC during the last general election. To calm raging nerves, Isa Yuguda was forced to take back his statement and a little bit use of common sense, led to the conclusion that the deaths would have been avoided if the government had provided adequate security for individuals working in violence prone areas.

Stella Oduah has called the Associated Airline crash an act of God. (God dey him corner jeje dey observe, this woman dey put lie ontop him head). The problem is this, where is the outrage at thoughtless comments made by public officers? The hypocrisy being shown by Nigerians is very irritating. Stella Oduah's supporters try to justify her comment without thinking, same people wanted Isa Yuguda dead and rained curses on him when he made his comment.

Some Aviation industry insiders are already coming out with information linking the crash to blatant mismanagement and corruption, saying the aircraft that crashed was suppose to be on a test flight from Lagos to Akure but someone decided to make a quick buck, learning from their Oga at the top.

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