Friday, 6 September 2013

Outcasts? - Uhuru Kenyatta and Goodluck Jonathan

The gathering of Outcasts. President Jonathan is currently on a 3 day State visit to Kenya while the rest of the world are busy discussing the impending unnecessary attack on Syria and possibly, a larger conflict (World War) in Russia.

President Jonathan's host Uhuru Kenyatta has been dragged before the International Criminal Court of 'justice' for being part of the instigators of the 2007-2008 post election violence in his country, and is currently lobbying the Kenyan parliament to take Kenya out of the Rome statute that gives the ICC jurisdiction over the case. I support him on this one though, The ICC should be called  the International Criminal Court of Negro and East European Leaders.

Kenyatta's visitor who happens to be my President has became a resolute man all of a sudden a few days before his sojourn to Kenya. His 2015 Presidential ambition is under threat and he is standing up To people he would normally not dare to. Where has this action Jonathan been against corruption and religious violence? If the president had taken the actions we've been reading of for the past few days on Corruption and Boko-haram, he would not have to worry too much about his 2015 ambition.

President Jonathan and his handlers actions, walking out of meetings, withdrawing Amaechi's security men etc got me thinking. Is the President less patriotic compared to those of us outside the realm of public administration? He has shown anger and crudeness at those opposing his 2015 Presidential ambition. Why can't the same attitude be applied on tackling corruption and insecurity, even if it just for (High-Service).

Birds of a feather flock together, the President is currently enjoying the hospitality of his Kenyan colleague. The Caucasoids they are planning to go against have been in the game for centuries, their mode of operations  were inherited and are institutionalized. I wish the Outcasts good luck.

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