Friday, 2 August 2013

Police Men Go Hyper - Notorious Armed Robber Arrested

This guy must have been a serious thorn in their flesh. Biodun Egunjobi AKA Godogodo, never heard of him before, an inter-state armed robber that has lost count of the number of Police men he has killed. Scary.

All of a sudden, the Inspector General and the Lagos state Commissioner seem to appear more professional and competent. A major moral boost for their men, it must really feel good to be successful in one's profession.

The criminal is bleeding though and i hope he gets medical treatment, which begs the question, "Why should someone like this be treated kindly?" "Why should he be given a fair trial?". The constitution guarantees it but i'm sure his victims and many other people would beg to differ. Bravo to the Nigerian Police.

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