Friday, 9 August 2013

Nigeria Joining the Space Race. For What?

Nigeria joining the space race, for what? If i may ask. Nigeria is spending Millions of dollars to put a man in space for what? A country that can not boast of 10 hour stable electricity in its most developed area. A country that can't and is not trying to provide the basic infrastructural needs of its people, wants to put a man in space. For what? i don't get it. A country that outsources all its defence infrastructures wants to put a man in space. I understand the usefulness and impact satellites have on mankind but spending so much money just to put someone of a specific nationality in space just to feel good is absurd.

Britain is also encouraging this meaningless project with huge financial handouts. Nigeria is set to receive 1.14 Billion Pounds sterling from Britain over the next Five years for this space project. I just hope, I really really hope I'm being ignorant and this is some covert defence project being carried out by Britain using Nigeria as a proxy. And if its not, what did Britain receive or what will Britain ask for this huge "generosity"? I mean, who gives out 1.14 Billion Pounds that he needs to a friend for something he does not need. To boost his ego?

I only wish they donated this much money to our education system or health sector. British citizens also think the huge handout is preposterous as they also need money to solve problems in their country.

From evidence gathered over the years, giving aid to African countries is of no use as our wicked leaders spend the money on lavish luxury life styles. They siphon the aid money,  reinvest some of the money in European property markets and buy Luxury cars, expensive jewellery and private jets.

President Jonathan visited China a few weeks ago to negotiate a $3 Billion loan, China is willing to lend with about 3 percent interest. No austerity , no structural adjustments . We hope he uses the money to do what its meant for. Will he?

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