Sunday, 18 August 2013

Lagos/Anambra Row Continues

I've mixed feelings seeing that the people being rational and logical in this video are Igbos. It annoys me and at the same time i'm happy that some Igbos have their head screwed on straight. Imagine an Ugochukwu Ezeani calling Peter Obi a humanitarian governor. A Governor that could not give simple instructions to his State's welfare officers to receive rehabilitated destitutes being transported home for proper care by the Lagos state government.

I sincerely hope the theory given by Senator Ngige is true to an extent. The fantasy that someone from Lagos gives a damn about what's politically going on in Anambra State, thus the need to mobilise and send thugs to Anambra, because the interpretation and explanation being given by people like Ugochukwu and other Igbos baffles me. This is not the first time exercises like this take place, other States have done the same but the hypocritical governor of Anambra failed to cater for his people as Don Adinuba pointed out. They are trying to say that Lagos State government officials go around the state, looking particularly for Igbos or Anambrans to "Deport". WTH?

What's with the exaggerated sense of self importance? You are traders. Yes, so what?

Via ChannelsTV

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