Thursday, 29 August 2013

Lagos is of My Ancestors - Why is That Offensive?

Lagos is no No Man's land, it is the land of my ancestors.Why would someone take offence at Governor Fashola's response? In response to the moronic comment made by former governor Orji Kalu, who declared Lagos a no man's land and was cheered on by his minions, Governor Fashola got an opportunity to respond to Kalu's declaration on 60 minutes with Angela where he said and i quote.
"It will be very uncharitable for anybody to suggest that Lagos is no-man's land. This is the Land of my ancestors and it will be uncharitable for me to walk into your home and say your home is 'BONA VACANTIA', which is 'no-man's land'. It perhaps, shows a lack of understanding; an impolite way of expressing a Stake! And Stakes are legitimate, but are quite different from ownership''
I would want to believe that what the Governor means by "having a stake" is that every Nigerian has the right to be law abiding and live wherever he/she desires within the geographic boundary of the "
'sovereign' nation of Nigeria.

Igbos have a home they call Alaigbo, they ran there during the civil war, the ran there during the June 12 saga and they are being chased there by Boko-haram now. Why on earth would someone believe a Governor should not set the records straight for those who do not know better. I don't remember anyone saying Igbos can't live in Lagos. I wonder what these people will say if they get to know the extent to which Yoruba traditional institutions go to make sure a city or town experiences good tidings and economic success for everyone living  in it (Yeah, i believe that ish).

It is this same attitude that 'Nigerians' have brought down to Malaysia where a group of landlords decided and voted to declare Africans PERSONA NON GRANTA from their rental apartments (Suban Condo Ban Against African tenants). When you say African in Malaysia, there is a 100% possibility you are talking about a Black man and 7 out of 10 times, a Nigerian. Obviously, the declaration has racism written all over it but how irritating can we be to make racist people become so bold to publish such declarations

I understand a lot of Igbos don't give a damn what happens to Lagos or anywhere they make a living from, as long as they are smiling to the bank. This answers the question as to why they want Lagos to be or believe Lagos is a no man's land because the former chaos paid and everyone thrived. Lagos is just a place of work for most of Fashola attackers, a place where their dreams come true but they have the option to run back to Alaigbo when ever their place of work becomes dangerous like they have done in the past.

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