Thursday, 18 July 2013

What Soyinka Said about Patience Jonathan - For the Cognitively Challenged

A lot of people have been making funny comments about Wole Soyinka's objection to an irritating trend he noticed about the Presidency. This is to help everyone that did not watch the short clip or those that hear but can not comprehend.

Wole soyinka said and i quote "When things get to a stage where an unelected person, a mere domestic appendage of power can seize control of a place for eleven days and as a result of her presence, the Executive governor of that state is told by a police man - You can't pass here because the queen is there"

Let it be clear to everyone, Madame Patience Faka Jonathan is a mere domestic appendage of power to this administration and no man born of a woman can change that. What office does she occupy and who voted her there. Imagine Michelle Obama and her security details barricading the streets of New york because she and her friends are having a party or whatever gathering, and they do this for 11 good days stopping Bloomberg from gaining access to certain areas of the city. Haba?

If the President really wants to deal with Governor Amaechi, he has all the state resources at his disposal, he should go ahead and stop pretending to be democratic and end the unnecessary embarrassment of the Office of the President. Its no taboo not to be democratic, in fact being undemocratic works better in developing countries and things get done ASAP.

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