Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Senator Yerima Persuades Senate to Support Paedophiles

While the senate was busy deliberately on the manner of renunciation of citizenship, Senator Yerima shamelessly expressed his objections at what the Nigerian constitution says about being of age using islamic law.

The constitution says, "full age means 18 years and above" but this contradicts a clause that sees all married women as being of age. The committee suggested the senate remove the clause that makes children vulnerable to paedophiles like Yerima, the clause states that "any woman that is married shall be deemed to be of full age", but the good for nothing man shamelessly stood in objection because that's a vague part of the constitution that gives people like him the right to marry and have canal knowledge of children.

Sani Yerima married (Bought) a 13 year old Egyptian in 2009 and he had his way again in the senate. Islamic law rained supreme over the constitution because the constitution was trying to respect the religious believe of segments of the population.

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