Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Rivers State Assembly Thug Invasion

In reaction to the brutal hammering of his colleagues, Mr. (No more honourable) Evans Bipi led some of his boys (Thugs) into the chambers of the State assembly.

The reason he gave for doing this is that, Someone insulted the President (Governor Amaechi or the Speaker) , his (Bipi's) father and the governor supervised the beating of his colleagues. Therefore, he Evans Bipi will no longer hide his cult affiliations. You can hear him chanting "Arrow mates at 4:30. "Arrow Mates" is a the slang used by a cult group called "Supreme Viking Confraternity". After the pushing and shoving with security agents, Mr Bipi proceeded to declare himself speaker in front of 3 colleagues and cheering cult boys.

Via SaharaTv

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