Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Rivers State Assembly Bloody Smack Down

There was an attempt by 5 anti-Amaechi law-Makers breakers to impeach the Rivers state Assembly Speaker.  They allegedly tried to steal the Mace in other to convene in some other location but were stopped by Pro-Amaechi law makers breakers, Mr. Amaechi himself and his aides were said to be present. This 58 second video shows how they were stopped, a ruthless UFC/ Muay-thai  style smack down. That guy wearing a red hat (Chidi Loyd) is a cold blooded killer, look at the way he was nailing his colleague's  head like a hammer.

This is a lesson for us, young Nigerians. Wickedness and ruthlessness works in Nigerian politics. Treat your opponent with extreme prejudice and the post is yours. I see why people like Wole Soyinka and other elderly Nigerians condemn the hostile takeover. The gives them a negative nostalgia of military coups. May God deliver us. (May we deliver our selves from mediocre rascal like politicians).

via TVC News

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