Friday, 5 July 2013

Mohammed Morsi Ousted, Religious Jingoism Checkmated?

Anti Morsi Protest
He won just 51.7% votes in a 51% voters turnout election. This makes about 25.7% of popular vote, but instead of leading an all inclusive government that caters for everyone, he sets out to create an Egypt meant for radical Muslims only.

Mohammed Morsi pursued an Islamic agenda instead of an Egyptian one. With just (1/4) one-quarter of popular vote, the Islamist thought they've arrived, they forgot everyone especially the minorities fought with blood, sweat and tears to get Egypt where it is today. No one needs to lecture Egyptians on what can be achieved with organised public disobedience (with a little help from global political powers bullies). Its all still fresh in their conciousness.

One can only imagine what the situation would have been if they were allowed to continue their divisive ways. Imagine an all encompassing series of events like a bloated self righteous cleric spewing out decrees whenever it suits him and his admirers. A point and marry (own) regime, just point at the thing (woman) covered in black and 4 of them can be yours if you want. Public beheading and executions that don't seem to serve as deterrents as observed over the years because they happen over and over again. The Pyramids of Giza covered in wax, shops stop selling carrots and cucumber because they look like the male reproductive organ, which can be too seductive for women. etc

Pursuing salvation and ultimately paradise for every citizen of Egypt has proved too difficult for the Muslim brotherhood. A noble cause i must say, but no individual or group knows it all you know, you are always good in something and bad at the other. Obviously, the Islamic brotherhood sucks in economics and so many other things. They are so terrible that a legitimately elected government ran by them is shamefully kicked out of office and no one is really raising an eye lid except for maybe their members. Time to go back to the drawing board and if the opportunity presents it self again, pursue an Egyptian agenda, not a religious one.

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