Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Will An African Leader ever Sit on This Table? G-8

G-8 Round Table
Do you want to sit on that table? Do you aspire to stand shoulder to shoulder with the geeky-corny looking Caucasians and Asians? Then, build your home(country) and make it livable for millions of creative minds. Develop your country and people no matter the opposition or obstacle. It is these people (creative minds) that can help you stand and dine with the folks at G-8 (G-10).

These are the people that keep the money you steal from your people. They advice you and help you steal from your country. They groom you over time, until you lose touch with reality. By the time you realize you are being fooled, it will be too late. Now, you are Bitter and angry, you want your money back but no, it's gone. They'll keep it and use it over and over again making their selves and their country richer, especially now that they are cash strapped.

Look at these pictures. It's not about how many houses you buy in London or Dubai, neither is it about how many private jets you own or what animal skin your shoe is made of. It's about giving that young man or woman from Ilesha, Nnewi, Kotangora etc the opportunity to lead you to that prestigious round table. Your Swiss account or private jet can't get you there. these guys own those things and they can make you forfeit it anytime they wish. Ask Uncle Alams, The Abachas, Officer Tafa, Col. Gaddafi, Uncle Ibori, The Marcus family of Philippines etc

It takes a lot of sacrifice but please, try.  Mahathir Mohamad developed Malaysia out of anger and resentment for the west, it took him 20 years. Please can someone in Aso-Rock become angry? Make Nigeria livable for the Nigerian that does not know the Oga at the top.

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