Monday, 6 May 2013

World's Oldest Ruling Coalition Wins Malaysia's 13th general Election

Barisan national
The world's oldest ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) remains in power by winning Malaysia's 13th general. They won at least 112 seats out of 222 to secure a simple majority. BN has been in power since Malaysia gained independence from Britain and this election is said to be the toughest election so far with a 80% turnout making all seats tightly contested. Even the Menteri Besar/Governor of my state lost his seat by just 44 votes (That  must hurt like hell).

There were little tensions before and during the election with the opposition accusing the government of being arrogant, corrupt, bringing in foreigners, mainly Bangladeshi to vote. But overall, everything was calm compared to world standards (Developing Countries). No fierce looking monster with an AK-47 snatched the Ballot Box, No aspirant got assassinated before the election (The only notable assassination was that of the Royal customs Boss and he is not/should not be a politician), opposing party supporters did not burn down each other's houses or business.

They only campaigned and smeared each other with sex tapes and whistle blowing (Corruption). No Do or Die Politics here! Election rigging is just a little bit more sophisticated here. So, the "Cocky" BN won by a margin and the opposition have rejected the result. They have to sit tight for the next five years.

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