Saturday, 18 May 2013

Northern Agbayas To President Jonathan - "You Have Declared War on Northern Nigeria"

So, the Northern Agba- Ofos have reacted to President Jonathan's decision to deploy more troops to 3 boko-haram affected States. They claim it's an indirect declaration of war on Northern Nigeria. Really? Where have these Agbayas been? Living under a rock?

Apparently, the President's decision took them by surprise and the possibility of free Egunje is fading. So, they are not happy. Making irritating comments like this seems to be the only thing these people know, any time they talk about national issues. They speak like spoilt brats who's greedy parents have left in their care, a huge estate without teaching them how to manage it. These people are bitter, angry and arrogant.

Understandably, The President needs to do more and act fast. But what do Nigerians expect? There are new hungry faces (Awon omo oju o ri ola ri) in the helm of affairs, we should obviously expect new billionaires in the coming years. Whose fault is that?

You guys are disappointed by the government's sudden change of tactics, but the Islamic extremist group ridiculed the amnesty prepared and brokered by you, the Northern Agbayas, their fathers and uncles.

For the record, your youths, with your help declared war on a sovereign nation because they don't respect the man in charge. Let the army hit them hard, God will also forgive Nigeria for all collateral damage, he is not a partial God. Maybe the next time the government calls for negotiation, they'll come running. Between the stick and the carrot, choose one. It's a free world.

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