Sunday, 5 May 2013

Captured Boko-Haram Members Speak to Aljazeera

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Mohammed Ibrahim (Spiritual Leader): They arrested me because I'm a teacher in Boko-haram. Yes, my believe is that there should be Islamic law and we have chosen to take up arms against people who do not want Sharia.

Adam Abubakar (A Commander): (He swears between him and his God) I took up arms to fight. i attacked a vehicle transporting money from Maiduguri to Damaturu, Blocked them, Shot them and took the money and another time, we robbed a bank in Bama.

Yvonne : Are you telling the truth or were you coerced to talk?

Adam Abubakar (A Commander): (He swore between him and his God) I'm telling the truth.

Yvonne: Why do you support the killing of innocent Nigerians?

Ibrahim Mohammed  (A Founding Member) : (Innocent) Killings like this happen by mistake, for example, if a stray bullet hits an innocent civilian, we are not bothered because we know the victim is innocent and we are forgiven by "God".

The first guy is not satisfied with all the Sharia courts available in Nigeria. They can no longer cater to his Islamic needs so he has a burning desire to impose his religious believe on every living thing around him because for him, practising his religion without being bothered is no longer enough, he needs to irritate others with his religion and if they dare complain, he is ready to sacrifice them to his God.

The second guy just discovered that Security is just a state of mind. So, his God permits him to steal, kill and rob the infidel to feed the Muslim Ummahs.

The third guy's God forgives him for what ever he does, especially taking innocent lives.

If you look closely, you'd see a black scar on their forehead, that's how black their hearts are, pure evil men who have gotten an enabling tool in their religion. I don't know if the federal government is making lots of money from groundnut pyramids and onions but Boko-haram (Northern Muslims) has no right what so ever to compare themselves to Niger Delta militants. There are poor people in all corners of Nigeria, some depend on handouts as dictated by their religion and others go out to work to earn something no matter how little and they even give some of it to thier Men of God to buy jets and etc all in effort to expand the kingdom of God. lol

As for the Lawyer Ahmad Mai Aji, for goodness sake how do you defend these kind of people in court? and who pays their legal bills? Wait, he might be doing it for his God too.

Link to Aljazeera video

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